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Alf ^ Anita Killies, SWE
JJ 10 ltr + 325 ltr
Neonfisken, DEN
JJ 10 ltr
Poppi Østerbro, DEN
Bonnie Rødovre, DEN
JJ 325 ltr Africa setup
Blue Planet, DEN
Neonfisken, DEN
Neonfisken, DEN
JJ 325 ltr
Blue Planet, DEN
Blue Planet, DEN
Planetcatfish, SCO
Pier Aquatics, ENG
Catfish Convention, ENG
Pier Aquatics, ENG
Private Marine, ENG
Blue Planet, DEN
Blue Planet, DEN
Aqua Global, GER
Ingo Seidel, GER /

     "Johnny is a long-time friend of FishBase, never tiring of sending us new materials
      and Photos for use in the database. His beautiful pictures enhance a lot of FishBase
      species summary pages on the web, sometimes it is the only picture we have for a
      particular species. That makes it even more valuable. We will always be grateful!"
      Rachel Atanacio - FishBase Project


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